The municipalities should understand the expectations and needs of the citizens in the service area and try to produce services in accordance with these needs. In this study, the satisfaction levels of the citizens living in Yalova from the services provided by Yalova Municipality were tried to be determined. It has also been investigated whether or not there is a difference in satisfaction with demographic characteristics and the residential neighborhood. For the research, a questionnaire were applied via internet and face-to-face interview. Survey questionnaires were arranged in accordance with the services of Yalova Municipality by utilizing the literature. A survey was conducted on 402 citizens who were selected by easy sampling method. Satisfaction was measured by using the likert scale for 10 services offered by the municipality in the survey. The collected data were analyzed in the SPSS program. Analyzes show that the that the people of Yalova are medium level satisfied with the municipal services. It has been determined that satisfaction levels in some types of services differ according to gender, age and occupation. According to the residential neighborhood, there are differences in satisfaction in cleaning and inspection services. While services are being planned to increase the level of satisfaction, it is suggested that these differences be taken into consideration and that the municipality should carry out work on services that are below average.