There are many factors that affect the decision of purchasers to be more conscious and attentive in purchasing decisions to buy a product / service. One of these elements is the religious beliefs that are in the elements of culture. Consumers can act in the direction of their religious beliefs when they purchase products. This situation has led to the growth of halal food markets while revealing the halal food concept which is the preferred product. In this study, Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) analysis was used in the evaluation of questionnaire data from 382 participants in order to determine consumers' halal food product usage trends and factors that are thought to be the effect of halal food consumption. Halal consciousness and behavior are high in the consumption of red meat and meat products; it was determined that the participants had the most religious belief in halal food behavior. In addition, by the MDS analysis, it has been observed that the effect of belief in having religious sensitivity, being a meticulous person, taking food products from known places, and healthier halal foods are similar to halal food consumption.