Mobile phones, especially the smart ones are becoming a main need for millions of people from all ages. Producers pay attention to develop a repeat purchasing behavior among their customers, aiming to resale their updated models. Brands play an important role in facilitating and affecting customer’s choice process, especially for high-technology products. Brand loyalty concerns the behavior of rebuying and at the same time, the antecedents causing that actual behavior. This study aims to study the relationships between consumer personality, brand personality and brand loyalty with data collected from 394 participants by two  questionnaires (for Samsung and Apple) using convenience sampling method. Questionnaires are designed by using CAD scale of Cohen (1967), brand personality scale of Aaker (1997) and brand loyalty scale of Chaudhuri and Holbrook (2001). Four groups of hypotheses were tested with regression analyses and one group by comparing means. Findings include statistically significant results.