The main purpose of this study is to examine whether charismatic leader has an effect on employee motivation. For this purpose, a model has been developed in the light of other studies in the literature. The reason why the charismatic leadership is handled in this research is that this concept has become very popular nowadays. In other studies in the literature, it has been revealed that phenomenon of charismatic leadership becomes more and more important day by day in the businesses. In order to achieve the aim of the study, the data needed from employee in the mining sector in Bandırma district of Balikesir were collected using a face to face survey and easy sampling method. A total of 201 surveys were obtained and 180 surveys were taken into consideration. Analyzes were performed by the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). As a result of analysis, it was found that the sub dimensions of charismatic leadership (vision, environmental sensitivity, exhibiting unusual behaviors, personal risk taking and sensitivity to member needs) have a positive and significant effect on employee motivation.