Aims and Scope

Turkish Journal of Marketing (TUJOM) publishes original research and review articles in Marketing Sciences. Purpose of TUJOM Journal; To create value in the field by publishing original studies that will contribute to the literature in Marketing Sciences and will be a resource for both academia and the business world. Besides, TUJOM Journal aims to bring the valuable work of researchers working in Marketing Sciences to a broader audience at home and abroad. Readership of TUJOM Journal; valuable representatives of the business world, especially those who do academic studies in the fields of Marketing Sciences, and those who do academic studies outside of Marketing Sciences and other interested parties. Since TUJOM Journal will appeal to a broader audience in article submissions, it prioritises studies prepared in English. The most cited articles among the articles published in TUJOM Journal are those prepared in English. For this reason, it is obligatory to add an Extended Abstract section to these studies in order to benefit from the studies prepared in the Turkish language by a wider audience.

Turkish Journal of Marketing (TUJOM), within the scope of Marketing, publishes articles on all areas of the field. Subject areas of interest covered in the journal include the following:




Service Marketing

Market Researches





Marketing Ethics

Customer Relationship Management

Marketing Researches





Sales Management

Consumer Researches

Consumer Behaviours

Marketing Communication





Industrial Marketing

Digital Marketing

Product and Brand Management

International Marketing