All articles received are submitted to plagiarism checking system. The articles exceeding 30% are rejected.

Plagiarism checking of the submissions is done during the preliminary review process of the article. During plagiarism checking, only plagiarism is not considered. Plagiarism report is also examined in detail. Plagiarism checking will be returned to the author if the study is not eligible for inclusion in the review process. Plagiarism checking will be sent to the linguistics editor within the scope of preliminary review if the submission is suitable for the referee review process in the journal and the submission is prepared in English. The submissions prepared in English are returned to the author as a result of the linguistic editor's assessment, either correction is requested and checked again or sent to the relevant section editor for the initiation of the referee review process. For the submissions prepared in Turkish, the submission is sent to the related section editor to initiate the review process. Click here for Turkish Journal of Marketing (TUJOM) Journal Work Flow Chart.