Although many studies discussed podcasting benefits from different areas like (  Lee & Chan, 2007‎; ‎ Evans, 2008; Kennedy et al., 2011‎)‎  no one discussed the attitudes of Human Capital ‎towards Using it as an ‎Innovative Asynchronous training ‎and developing ‎tool. ‎ so this ‎paper aims to investigate these attitudes.‎ In order to do so,  The researcher investigated a field study taking a sample participants of 120 workers from the ‎studied companies and gave them a five-point Likert scale‎ questionnaire about their attitudes towards Using Podcasting in training. The data were analyzed using SPSS. It was found that ‎ participants ‎had a very positive attitude toward podcasts and had very high motivation to develop their skills with the help of podcasts.