Vol. 1 No. 2 (2016): Turkish Journal of Marketing


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Published 2017-06-02


  • Mısır Devrimi,
  • Çokuluslu Å?irketlerin Karşılaştıkları Zorluklar,
  • Pazarlama Karması
  • â?? Egyptian revolution,
  • Challenges to multinational â??companies,
  • marketing mix

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GHAREEB, A. E. (2017). CHALLENGES TO MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES AND ITS IMPACT ON THE MARKETING POLICIES IN EGYPT. Turkish Journal of Marketing, 1(2), 94-119. https://doi.org/10.30685/tujom.v1i2.6


Although many studies  discussed Marketing Mix from different areas  like (P. Yasanallah ,et al ,2012; ?Thomas ,2010; Gandolfo, et al. ,2009)? ?but no one discussed it's relation with the political changes so this ?paper aims to investigate the challenges to multinational companies and its impact on ?the ?marketing Mix ?after ?Egyptian Revolution.? In order to do so,  The researcher investigated a field study taking a sample participants of 110 managers and ?specialists from the ?studied companies and gave them a questionnaire about the Challenges to ?multinational companies. It was found a positive and statistically significant relationship ?between  Challenges to multinational companies and its impact on the ?marketing Mix. So ?multinational companies should change marketing policies according to political, Economic ?and Legal changes? ?and the regime in every country they invest in. 


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