Although many studies  discussed Marketing Mix from different areas  like (P. Yasanallah ,et al ,2012; ‎Thomas ,2010; Gandolfo, et al. ,2009)‎ ‎but no one discussed it's relation with the political changes so this ‎paper aims to investigate the challenges to multinational companies and its impact on ‎the ‎marketing Mix ‎after ‎Egyptian Revolution.‎ In order to do so,  The researcher investigated a field study taking a sample participants of 110 managers and ‎specialists from the ‎studied companies and gave them a questionnaire about the Challenges to ‎multinational companies. It was found a positive and statistically significant relationship ‎between  Challenges to multinational companies and its impact on the ‎marketing Mix. So ‎multinational companies should change marketing policies according to political, Economic ‎and Legal changes‏ ‏and the regime in every country they invest in.