Tourism is one of the tools that play an important role not only in the countries but also in the development of the cities. Cities are looking for ways to develop different methods and different strategies to attract more tourists in an increasingly competitive environment. One of the important tools that will help the city to attract more tourists is city marketing. City marketing can be described as the introduction of the values that the city possesses by using marketing methods and tools, considering it as a product. It may be possible to increase the brand recognition and attractiveness of the city and thus attract more tourists by making it a city brand through city marketing and increasing the brand image. The aim of this study is to evaluate the tourism potential of Yozgat province within the scope of city marketing and branding and to present the current situation and to make proposals for Yozgat province from other examples in the world and our country. In this context, after literature survey was conducted and information about city marketing, brand city creation and sample cities was presented, the potential that Yozgat province has as a touristic product has been examined and suggested. It is considered that the study will contribute to increasing the tourism potential of Yozgat Province.